Here’s a page full of nice things that our clients have said about us, the work we have done for them and the support we have provided.

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David put together some truly creative work for us. His experience in Artwork production and retouching is clearly second to none. A real joy to work with and has a professional attitude on whatever job we set him. He even keeps us well fed with chocolates and other sweet things – Shoo Painter, Project Manager

We regularly rely on David’s talents for high-end reproduction work on packaging and other print projects. David was first introduced to us a few years ago when we required a number of freelancers for a large ongoing project. As well as being fast and accurate in his work, he is experienced and knowledgeable so can be relied upon to run his own project efficiently and make the right decisions when required. He’s also a thoroughly decent and very likeable guy which is why he is always our first choice for freelance help – David Tulett, Creative Director

I have employed David’s services as a freelance finished artist on many occasions for BOS. He invariably brought his extensive skills and experience to bear on every project he worked on, combining technical ability with first-rate creative insight. David always sought to treat every project as more than simply a mechanical process, being well aware of the quality of the end creative product. He consistently delivered value for money, with excellent work, on budget and on time – Phil Smithson, Studio Manager

David has been our key artwork supplier for longer than our studio can remember, providing support and expertise at the drop of a hat on the most complex and crucial artwork tasks – Pat Starke, Creative Director

I’ve been working with Dave for 8 years now. He’s a really valuable member of the team. He gets his head down and does a great job, with no fuss. His knowledge of artworking is fantastic especially when it comes to packaging and POS. He makes great coffee and even brings in cakes. – Rob Doble, Creative Director

I am very proud of the fact that the Brand International logo design continues to provoke positive comment and I am delighted to recommend Redegg Solutions to any company looking for creativity and a uniqueness of approach in their design requirements – Robert Basson, Director

The best Account Manager in the business! – Mark Baines, Owner

Helen & Rob are VERY different to other web designers – in a good way – their output is so much more than a website; it’s a thoroughly-researched marketing tool based upon established, best practice ad-agency principles profiling of your target market customer base, combined with very creative and appealing design. Getting to the finished product is hard work – but fun – and it really focuses you on what your business is all about, which – as an unexpected but valuable by-product – serves to better align your business with your customers. Delivery is smooth; project planning and management effective – your first impression may well be that it’s going to take a long time, but when you see what goes on behind the scenes and the work they pack into their timeframe, you’ll understand why and wonder what other so-called web designers do for their money. Money where my mouth is…we’ll shortly be briefing them again to develop the site for a new company division – Neil Hughes, Managing Partner

I have worked with Helen on our in house publications for the last two years and she is a creative thinker who produces excellent results every time. She is also a very likeable person and works well with all of my colleagues who I know think very highly of her and her work – Colin Morris, Senior Manager

At Invensys Rail we were challenged with how, as an organisation, could we better learn and manage our knowledge to greater effect. With Helen's leadership, management and sheer energy, we were able to bring all the right people to the table and create a solution that not only met our current needs, but exceeded them in terms of creating a solution that was 'future proof' in its concept. Although the success of the project was, on the face of it, mainly down to the 'technical talent' around the table, as client and overall project manager, I have no doubt that we wouldn't have achieved such a level of success, if it weren’t for how well Helen account managed and led the project from the supplier front. I consider Helen to be one of the most professional and talented project leads I have encountered in my 30 years in business – Steve Hurst, Global Head of Delivery & Engineering Capability at Invensys Operations Management

I've been lucky enough to work with Helen and the team at Marcom since 2007, and throughout that time have really valued her fun, creative and professional approach to the work, whether the company magazine or internal film production. The work was always to a high standard delivered with a 'can-do' mentality and the drive to make each job better than the last. Being a team of one I really appreciated Helen's help to the extent that our working relationship transcended the typical client-agency dynamic. Thus I always saw her as a colleague, and she was viewed as such by my other colleagues at Invensys Rail who also benefitted from her support. I would happily recommend Helen to anyone looking for marketing communication /creative inspiration delivered with integrity and authenticity, and have yet to work with anyone better in this context! – Andrew Parsonage, Specialist in Corporate Communication at Invensys Rail

I've worked with a lot of good account managers in the past and Helen is up there with the best. Her attention to detail is key to her providing a great service to her clients - that's one reason many of them have stayed with Marcom a long time. She loves her lists & processes - whether that's status reports, scheduling, invoicing. We make a great team going into clients to present - even though she is more than capable of presenting creative ideas. She also works well with the creative teams - encouraging and challenging them. I've seen her grow from someone who was unsure about managing digital projects to someone who can confidently manage and deliver large scale, complex projects. Her inquisitive mind ensures she stays on top of digital growth. She's a great team player - fun in the studio, keen to get involved and easy to get on with – Rob Doble, Creative Director at Marcom & Managing Director/Owner at Rob Doble Design

Helen is the best account manager I have come across, she is fantastic with clients and is a much loved member of our team. She is incredibly organised, nothing gets past her, our clients know their project is safe in her hands, and will be delivered on time, on budget and to the highest standard. The client and the project always come first with Helen. She understands the design process and gives the creatives room to do their thing, while always making sure we are on brief. She is a fantastic team player, so much fun to work with and a great friend! – Roxanne Tebbs, Studio Manager

Helen has a valuable list of qualities for her field. She has a flair for design, with a strong sense of what is fresh and engaging, she is able to seamlessly bridge the gap between the client and the design team and keep expectations aligned and at the same time, she is able to remain pragmatic and focused on delivering to a schedule and budget – Colin Brown, Strategy & Change Director, Owner at CAPBROWN & Founding Trustee at WellBoring.org

Helen has conducted a number of assignments for me, always with very short timescales but with no detriment to the over all results - which are consistently excellent. Having worked with Helen on multiple occasions, it would be remiss to not point out how easy to do business Marcom have been through Helen's approach and style – Rob Cairns, Delivery Director

Highly innovative with unbelievable drive and energy, Helen always delivers with a smile - even on the most challenging assignments. Helen is the best Account Manager I have worked with and still the 1st supplier I turn to, even from 10,000 miles away (Australia!) – Gareth Hayes, Talent Acquisition Manager

Helen has provided several packages of work for me and on all occasions the results have been imaginative, well presented and professional. I enjoy working with Helen because she is fun to be with and carries out the work in a thorough manner starting with a detailed understanding of the client needs that begin with values and beliefs. She builds the proposal from this solid starting point and uses considered questioning to elicit the real client requirement that enables her to produce results that far exceed client expectation – Graeme Vousden, Owner

Helen is an enthusiastic worker who was able to deliver on not only tight timescales but with a fluid and high level requirement. Her ability to plan work packages and coordinate input from all stakeholders clearly demonstrated her capabilities – Peter Parker - Lead Solutions Architect

Helen is a great Account Manager as she is persistent, diligent and always goes the extra mile to see things through to the end. In a business where requirements and deadlines change frequently, Helen's upbeat & 'can-do' attitude and positive outlook is a real help. I would happily recommend Helen to other clients looking for a creative and tailored service. Lucy Hayward - Freelance Marketing Professional; Invensys Rail Ltd, Owner, Tia Lucia Mediterranean Cookery School & Jamie at Home Consultant

We have collaborated with Helen on a variety of creative projects and she has always been integral to the success of the final output. Helen keeps everything and everyone on track and does so with a wicked sense of humour and real passion for the work. Creative projects can be full of variables and multiple threads, Helen is a master at spinning plates. She is a real guardian of the clients objectives and is constantly managing expectations and positively moving things forward. To get the job done well and to do so smiling is a real skill and one Helen has nailed – David Watson, Exec Creative Director

As well as having excellent organisational skills, Helen is both personable and professional - character traits which help her to build strong and lasting two-way relationships with clients. There have been many times when I've appreciated her ability to ensure that deadlines are met, no matter what the complications might be – Mike Moss, Owner of Mike Moss Copywriting/PR

Helen controls and drives projects in a professional but fun way. I would thoroughly recommend her (and she's got mad hair!) – Mark Norbury – Creative Director

When I am asked if I have a website I can answer positively that it’s www.ferrytales.co.uk. Yes, I can answer that with pride although I never thought that would be a possibility for me. I wrote my little story book for children, found an illustrator and was just about to publish it when I was advised that I should have a website. At that point my mind went into a spin as from thinking I was at the finishing post I was back to the start again. It felt just like going to secondary school again. I had been at the top of one staircase then found myself at the bottom of an even larger flight and didn’t know how to get to the top. It was then that Helen Sanders came to the rescue. Helen very quickly realised that asking me what I wanted was a silly question. With great understanding she ‘walked me through’ the process. She guided my thoughts and soon I became confident to make comments of my own. At every stage Helen consulted me, showed me her progress and made me feel that I was owning the website. At no stage did Helen make me feel inadequate, although I was and compared with her knowledge of what was required I was an infant. That was a very good experience because the more she encouraged the more I felt I could contribute and finally I felt I owned www.ferrytales.co.uk. If you are looking for any help I can thoroughly recommend Helen as a professional who will work with you, be patient and end up making you feel you have spent your time and money well. For proof just look on the website to see what Helen helped me achieve – Diane Greenaway

I worked closely with Marcom over several months producing 4 related websites in WordPress, with them providing the design and architecture and myself populating with text, images and data. They were highly professional throughout and most helpful in training me to use the WordPress interface as I needed. We ended up with 4 very good looking and well-functioning sites – many thanks Marcom! – David Cross – Consultant